IAR Product overview

IAR Systems provides a complete suite of tools for developing embedded system applications.

Development Kit
IAR KickStart Kit is a complete evaluation environment for embedded system applications. The kit contains all the hardware and software you need in order to design, implement and test your application directly on the chip: a development board, a JTAG debugger, and a suite of software development tools.

Whether you are a novice or seasoned developer, you will find the kit a tremendous time-saver with its programming examples and flash programming tools.

C, C++, EC++, Compiler, Assembler, Simulator, Debugger
IAR Embedded Workbench® is a set of development tools for building and debugging embedded system applications using assembler, C and C++. It provides a completely integrated development environment that includes a project manager, editor, build tools and the C-SPY® debugger.

IAR Embedded Workbench supports a wide range of microcontrollers and cores from different chip manufacturers. It offers the same intuitive user interface regardless of which microcontroller you have chosen to work with—coupled with general and target-specific support for each chip.

UML State Machine Design Tools (Visual States)


visualSTATE® takes you smoothly through the early phases of embedded application development. Create your design in a flowchart-like manner where all events, states, transitions, actions, variables, etc., are represented graphically. Verify the logic and validate the behavior of the application, then test the entire design on the chip before visualSTATE automatically generates compact error-free C code for any 8-, 16- or 32-bit microcontroller.
Chip configuration tools
IAR MakeApp® is a family of visual development tools that helps you design and implement device drivers more quickly and easily than ever before.

Hardware Debug Probe (JLink, JTrace)
IAR J-Link and IAR J-Trace are small JTAG debuggers that connect via USB to the PC host running Windows. They integrate seamlessly into IAR Embedded Workbench and are fully plug-and-play compatible.

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