Water Detection Unit and Measuring Tape Reel


water level sounder FEATURES:
  • Precision measurement, simplicity, and durability
  • Trouble-free operation in wells with falling water and heavy oil slicks, even if well is not cased
  • Polycarbonate sturdy reel
  • Durable polyester powder-coated steel frame
  • Corrosion-resistant stainless steel fittings
  • Soft grip vinyl frame handle
  • Large, ergonomic brake and winding handle
  • Water and dust-proof encapsulated electronics
  • Strong and accurate NTS certified tape with stainless conductors
  • Full depth stainless steel and Teflon probe
  • Long lasting flexible link between the tape and probe
  • Tape marked in 1 foot and 0.01 foot intervals
  • Standard tape lengths: 50, 100, 150, 200, 300, 400, and 500 feet
  • Self-contained power supply using a standard, small 9V battery
  • Audio alert beeper and LED indicate contact with the water
Water Well Level Sounder Product Description

Global Water's WL500 Well Level Sounder sets a new precision standard for well water level measurement.  The Water Level Sounder meets or exceeds federal specification US GGG-T-106E (USA) or EEC CLASS II (Europe) for a guaranteed accuracy of 0.008%.  The Water Level Sounder uses a full depth-rated stainless steel and teflon probe that is 5/8-inch (16 mm) in diameter.  The water level sounder's sensor electronics are encapsulated in a water and dust proof housing.  The flat spring steel core ensures that the level sounder will hang perfectly straight in large and small diameter wells.  This provides unparalleled accuracy when compared to the flat white tapes, where kinks in the tape introduce slight errors, in addition to the displacement of water changing the static level.

The water level sounder uses a shrouded probe with a unique design to prevent bridging.  Bridging is often encountered during pump tests with similar water level sounders.  All WL500 Well Level Sounders carry a sensitivity adjustment for different water qualities.  This sensitivity control prevents false readings in high conductivity water and is ideal for pump and draw down tests.  When the water level sounder's probe assembly makes contact with the surface of the water, a bright LED glows and a beeper sounds on the reel.

The well level sounder consists of a strong NTS-certified polyethylene jacketed measuring tape that will accurately read to 0.01 foot or 1 mm.  The tape reels are built of resistant polycarbonate (or, for units with over 400 ft cable, of lighter aluminum).

The depth sounder is battery operated, thus there is no danger of shock from an outside power supply.  Two conductors make a separate ground connection unnecessary, so the instrument will function equally well in uncased test holes or in uncased wells in rock.  Water entering the well from casing leaks or perforations about the water level will not affect the depth gauge's measurements.

Water Well Level Sounder Specifications

Tape Graduation: 1 ft and 0.01 ft intervals or 1m and 1mm intervals
Tape Material: Polyethylene
Probe Diameter: 5/8" (16mm)
Signal: Audible buzzer and light
Battery: 9 V battery
Shipping Weight: 300 ft (100m) tape: 9 lbs (4 kg)
Shipping Size: 12" x 14.5" x 8.5" (31 x 37 x 22 cm)

Water Well Level Sounder Options

WL500 Water Well Level Sounder
(Specify tape length and unit type (standard or metric) upon order placement)

50 feet or 15 meters

100 feet or 30 meters

150 feet or 50 meters

200 feet or 60 meters

300 feet or 100 meters

400 feet or 120 meters

500 feet or 150 meters

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WL16 Water Level Logger
Submersible pressure transducer and datalogger for recording water level data.

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