Conductivity level switches for water and wastewater applications
conductivity level controllers FEATURES:
  • Reliable switching in difficult applications
  • Works in water, wastewater and other conductive liquids
  • 3-probe system controls up to two levels
  • Easy to install in standard NPT fitting
  • Includes three stainless steel electrodes
Conductivity Level Controllers Product Description

Global Water’s WL200 Conductivity Level Controllers provide reliable, cost effective, 2-point level control in applications where a mechanical switch would foul and an ultrasonic device could be inaccurate.  The Conductivity Level Controller has no moving parts and may be used in water, wastewater and even slurries or other heavy bodied conductive liquids.

The WL200 Conductivity Level Controller’s durable polypropylene sensing head with its integral junction box includes a standard 1” NPT fitting that allows for quick installation just about anywhere.  The Conductivity Level Controller's three 24” long 316 stainless steel electrodes are easily cut to length for accurate on/off or high/low point level settings.

The WL200 Conductivity Level Controller includes a sensitivity adjustment for reliable operation in a variety of conductive liquids.  The Conductivity Level Controllers may be DIN rail or surface mounted and operate on standard 115 VAC current, which is stepped down to 12 volts at the electrodes.  Only an extremely small amount of current is necessary for the unit to perform.  As with any device, a properly installed and grounded system poses no electrical hazard.

The WL200 Conductivity Level Controller comes complete with sensing head, three 24” electrodes, controller with adjustable sensitivity, 8-pin socket, and 10 ft cable.  For deeper applications use the WL200-EXT Conductivity Level Controller extension kit which includes three 24” probes, couplers and spacers.

Conductivity Level Controllers Specifications

Sensor Head
     Body/J-Box: Reinforced polypropylene
     Probes: 316 Stainless Steel electrodes w/sheath
     Probe Length: 24” standard (may be coupled together for max. 72”)
     Mounting: 1" NPT
     Pressure: 30 PSIG, maximum
     Temperature: 100°C, maximum (212°F)
     Other: Integral NEMA6 (IP68) junction box with 10' cable
     Sensing Inputs: 3 maximum (High, Low, Common)
     Sensing Voltage: 12 VAC
     Sensing Resistance: Adjustable to 100,000 Ohms
     Input: 120 VAC 50/60 Hz
     Output: Contact rating 5 Amps resistive @ 240 VAC, form SPDT
     Mounting: 8-pin socket mount, surface or DIN rail-mountable
Weight: 1.2 lbs (0.5 kg)
Dimensions: 28-1/2” long x 2-1/8” diameter (72.4cm long x 5.4cm diameter)

Conductivity Level Controllers Options

WL200 Conductivity Level Controller
3-Probe & Conductivity Level Controller System.
WL200-EXT Conductivity Level Controller Extension Kit
Includes 2 Conductivity Level Controller Probes & Couplers.
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