Conductivity electrodes for field conductivity and salinity measurements.
Conductivity cells, conductivity electrodes FEATURES:
  • Large measuring range
  • Built-in temperature sensor
  • Highly precise measurements
  • Robust unbreakable epoxy body
Conductivity Cells Product Description
The TetraCon® 4-electrode conductivity cells set a new standard for professional conductivity measurements.  In comparison with conventional measuring cells with 2 electrodes, the TetraCon® 325 conductivity cell offers numerous technical advantages.  The conductivity electrode was designed to optimize the conductivity cell geometry providing you with the highest accuracy electrode possible.  The conductivity cell's design allows it to have an extremely large measuring range using a single electrode and meter combination for most applications.  Long-term cell constant stability is a result of the conductivity cell's high-quality abrasion-resistant graphite electrode construction.  The conductivity cell's design also allows for a very shallow immersion depth, 1.4 inches (36 mm), with a virtually unbreakable robust epoxy body.  Additional design features mean that the conductivity cell's measurements are not affected by cable influences, polarization effects or contact with any surfaces.  All TetraCon® 4-electrode conductivity cells come with a built-in temperature sensor to automatically compensate the output to your sample's temperature.  The automatic resistance compensation feature provides you with accurate measurements even with a dirty conductivity cell.


conductivity cell measurement chart

Conductivity cell measurements
Conductivity is a parameter used to measure the ionic concentration and activity of a solution.  The more salt, acid or alkali in a solution, the greater its conductivity.  The unit of conductivity is S/m, often also S/cm.  The scale for aqueous solutions begins with pure water at a conductivity of 0.05 uS/cm (77 °F /25°C).  Naturally occurring waters such as drinking water or surface water have a conductivity in the range 100 – 1000 uS/cm.  At the upper end of the chart some acids and alcalines can be found.


Conductivity cell measurements are used for a wide range of applications such as the production of ultrapure water or determining the salinity of sea water.


Conductivity is measured by using a conductivity cell to make a measurement of the electrical resistance.  The simplest kind of measuring cell used consists of two similar electrodes.  An alternating voltage applied to one of the conductivity electrodes causes the ions in the solution to migrate towards the electrodes.  The more ions in the solution, the greater the current which flows between the conductivity electrodes.  The conductivity meter measures the current produced by the conductivity cell and uses Ohm's law to calculate first the conductance of the solution and then – by taken the cell data into account – the conductivity.

Conductivity Cells Applications
The TetraCon 325 Conductivity Cells are ideal for monitoring ground water, rivers, lakes, streams, swimming pools, and industrial water applications including juices, electroplating, and pharmaceutics.  With the Cond 3110 handheld field meters the conductivity cells are ideal for routine field measurements.  The Cond 3210 meter raises the performance level of the conductivity cells to a point where they are recommended for highly precise control, quality assurance, and field measurements including the ability to make TDS measurements.  With the Cond 1970i rugged field meters the conductivity cell measurements can be controlled with a computer, stored in the 800 dataset memory, and supported using GLP requirements.
Conductivity Cells Specifications
Measuring Principle: Four-electrode measurement
Cell Constant: 0.475 cm-1 ±1.5 %
Temperature Sensor: Integrated NTC 30 (30kΩ/77°F (25°C))
Measurement Range: 1uS/cm to 2S/cm
Temperature Range: 23 to +176°F (-5 to +80°C)
Maximum Allowed Overpressure: 29 psi (2 bar)
Immersion Depth: 1.4 inches min/length of cable max (36 mm min/length of cable max)
Operating Position: Any
Storage Temperature: 32 to +122°F (0 to +50°C)
Recommended Storage Method: Air
Temperature Response:
      t99 (99 % of indication of end value after) < 20 s
Accuracy of Temperature Sensor: + 0.2 K
Cable Length: Varies
Cable Plug: 8 pin socket
Cable Diameter: 0.24 inches (6 mm)
     Thermistor Housing: Graphite
     Conductivity Electrodes: Graphite
     Shaft: Epoxy
     Connection head: POM
Size of Probe: 4.7 inches L x 0.6 inches Dia. (120 mm L x 15.3 mm Dia.)
Weight: 0.3 lb. (135 g) w/4.9 ft (1.5 m) of cable
Conductivity Cells Options
TetraCon 325 Conductivity Cell (PN# 301960)
4-electrode conductivity cell with built-in temperature sensor, 4.9 ft (1.5 m) cable and waterproof plug, cell constant K=0.475 cm-1
TetraCon 325-3 Conductivity Cell (PN# 301970)
4-electrode conductivity cell with built-in temperature sensor, 9.8 ft (3 m) cable and waterproof plug, cell constant K=0.475 cm-1
TetraCon 325-6 Conductivity Cell (PN# 301971)
4-electrode conductivity cell with built-in temperature sensor, 19.8 ft (6 m) cable and waterproof plug, cell constant K=0.475 cm-1
TetraCon 325-10 Conductivity Cell (PN# 301972)
4-electrode conductivity cell with built-in temperature sensor, 33 ft (10 m) cable and waterproof plug, cell constant K=0.475 cm-1
TetraCon 325-15 Conductivity Cell (PN# 301973)
4-electrode conductivity cell with built-in temperature sensor, 49.5 ft (15 m) cable and waterproof plug, cell constant K=0.475 cm-1
TetraCon 325-20 Conductivity Cell (PN# 301974)
4-electrode conductivity cell with built-in temperature sensor, 65.6 ft (20 m) cable and waterproof plug, cell constant K=0.475 cm-1
KS 5 uS Conductivity Cell 5 uS/cm Solution (PN# 300580)
Calibration standard 5 µS/cm, shelf life 1 year, NIST traceable, accuracy ±2%.
KS 100 uS Conductivity Cell 100 uS/cm Solution (PN# 300578)
Calibration standard 100 µS/cm, shelf life 2 years, NIST traceable, accuracy ±3%.
E-SET Trace uS Conductivity Cell Calibration Set (PN# 300572)
Calibration set, 6 bottles with 50 ml calibration and control standard each, KCl 0.01 M/l traceable to PTB/NIST.
6R/SET/LAB1 Conductivity Cell Calibration Set (PN# 302870)
Test set for checking all conductivity meters with waterproof 8-pin socket according to ISO 9000.
2CA102 Cond 3110 Set Handheld Conductivity Meter Set
Includes meter, TetraCon 325-3 probe, case & accessories.
3C30-010 Cond 1970i Portable Conductivity Meter
Conductivity meter with universal AC power supply.
EC400 Pocket Conductivity Meter
Includes meter and conductivity cell, protective sensor cap, sample cup with cap, four SR44W button batteries, and 48 inch (1.2m) neckstrap.
EC410 Pocket Conductivity Meter Kit
Includes an EC400 conductivity tester with sensor, protective sensor cap, 84uS, 1413uS, and 12880uS standards (30mL bottle each), weighted base, 3 sample cups with cap, four 1.5V button batteries, and 48 inch (1.2m) neckstrap, and carrying case.
EC500 Pocket pH/Conductivity Tester
Includes electrode, protective sensor cap, sample cup with cap, four 1.5V SR44W batteries, and a 48 inch (1.2m) neckstrap.
EC510 Pocket pH/Conductivity Tester Kit
Includes an EC500 portable conductivity meter with sensor, 84uS, 1413uS, 12880uS calibration standards, pH buffer pouches (1 each of 4, 7, 10pH plus rinse solution), weighted base, protective sensor cap, 3 sample cups, four 1.5V SR44W batteries, carrying case, and a 48 inch (1.2m) neckstrap.
2X00-001A Vario Cond Temperature Conductivity Meter TetraCon® V Kit
Includes: Vario Cond, mobile case, TetraCon® V cell, and KCl solution.
WQ-Cond Conductivity Sensor
4-20mA output.  Includes 25 ft of cable.
WQ Water Quality Sensors

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