Swing Samplers for collecting water samples.
swing samplers FEATURES:
  • Hinged end for easy sample collection
  • Pole extends up to 12 feet
Swing Samplers Product Description

The Swing Samplers are specially designed for applications like collecting a sample from a horizontal flowing stream of water, such as a sewer, river or channel.  The end of the swing sampler swings, allowing collection from different angles – up to 90°.  The Swing Samplers include a 6-ft (1.83 m) fiberglass pole that extends up to 12 ft, providing an adequate reach for any sampling situation.  A 960 ml polyethylene bottle is included with the swing samplers and the cover has a vinyl liner for leak-proof protection.  The swing samplers bottle is attached to a polyurethane holder and is held in place with a plastic snapper ring that has an adjustable locking device.  Other types of swing sampler bottles may be used but a different type of fastener may be required to hold the bottle in place.

Accessories include 12 packs of either 500 ml or 950 ml HDPE bottles, and additional snapper attaching rings.

Swing Samplers Options

Swing Sampler w/Pole & Bottle
Weight: 5.13 lb (2.30 kg)
500 ml Bottles, 12 PK
Weight: 1.06 lb (0.50 kg)
960 ml Bottles, 12 PK
Weight: 1.6 lb (0.70 kg)
Small Snapper Ring (holds 500 ml btl)
Weight: 0.06 lb (0.03 kg)
Large Snapper Ring (holds 960 ml btl)
Weight: 0.13 lb (0.01 kg)
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