Handheld Colorimeters for measuring a wide variety of samples.
handheld colorimeters FEATURES:
  • Simple Menu Driven Display
  • Pre-Programmed Tests, User Tests
  • Automatic Wavelength Selection
  • Self Diagnostics
Colorimeter Product Description

The SMART2 Colorimeter is a user-friendly handheld colorimeter that is an ideal direct reading colorimeter for complete on site water analyses.  All pre-programmed tests can be run on the compact hand held colorimeters and each test features automatic wavelength selection the entire multi-LED optical system is embedded in the light chambers and optimized for the test reagent systems.  You can simply select the test and put in the sample with reagent.  The handheld colorimeter’s microprocessor, which selects the wavelength, also allows you to load up to 10 tests for analyzing custom reagent systems.

The SMART2 Colorimeter uses a simple menu driven display to show the user the over 70 pre-programmed tests on the 4 line LCD screen.  The hand held colorimeters are also able to display diagnostic error messages such as over/under range and messages regarding the blank sample.  The handheld colorimeters have an integral datalogger that can be accessed via the SMARTLink 2 software and the RS232 port built into the hand held colorimeter’s housing.  An optional carrying case is available for the handheld colorimeter.

Colorimeter Specifications

Instrument Type: Colorimeter
Readout: Graphical 4 line, 16 character per line LCD
Keypad: 6-button membrane switch
Wavelengths: 430nm, 520 nm, 570 nm, and 620 nm
Wavelength Accuracy: ± 2 nm
Readable Resolution: Determined by reagent system
Wavelength Bandwidth: 10 typical
Photometric Range: -2 to 2 Absorbance Units (AU)
Photometric Resolution: 1% FS
Photometric Accuracy: 2% FS
Sample Chamber: Accepts 25 mm diameter flat-bottomed test tubes, 10 mm square cuvettes, 16 mm COD test tubes
Light Sources: 4 LEDs
Detectors: 4 silicon photodiodes with integrated interference filters
Modes: Absorbance, pre-programmed tests
Pre-Programmed Tests: YES, with automatic wavelength selection
User Defined Tests: Up to 10 user tests can be input
Data Logger: 350 test results stored for download to a PC
RS232 Port: 8 pin mini-DIN
Power: 9 volt alkaline or AC adapter
Line Operation: 110/ AC; 50/60 Hz with adapter, 6V 500 mA DC
Dimensions: (LxWxH) 8.5 x 16.2 x 16.7 cm, 3.4 x 6.4 x 2.6 inches
Weight: 312 g, 11 oz (colorimeter only)

Colorimeter Options

SMART2 Colorimeter (120V/60Hz)
Includes 4 sample tubes and AC adapter.
SMART2-EX2 Colorimeter (230V/50Hz)
Includes 4 sample tubes and AC adapter.
1919-GCS440 Large Field Carrying Case    
SMARTLink 2 Software on CD
Interface the SMART2 Handheld Colorimeter with a Windows-based personal computer.  The program can be used to download data stored in the dataloggers of the meter.  The program allows the user to identify, organize, view, manipulate and store data as a database on a PC.  Data can also be copied and pasted or exported to other applications as and ASCII tab delimited text file.
CODPlus Portable Colorimeter (120V/60Hz)
Includes 4 sample tubes, COD adapter, and AC adapter.
SPECTRO Spectrophotometer
Includes 6 sample cells (25mm round), 2 sample cell holders, power supply, and battery charger.
WQ Water Quality Sensors

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