Fixed size flumes for flow measurement

ramp flumes

  • Low investment accurate water measurement
  • Wide flow rate range
  • Easy installation
  • Self-cleaning approach section
Ramp Flumes Product Description

Global Water Ramp Flumes are low cost water measurement equipment, a flume built for easy installation and accuracy.  The Ramp Flumes are built from high grade 16 gauge galvanized steel and will resist most corrosive environments.  The design utilizes rigid flanges and bracing to allow the use of soil as a backfill during installation.  The Ramp Flumes are shipped unassembled to minimize the cost of freight.  All Ramp Flumes from 3.5 to 10 cubic feet per second, can be shipped by UPS.  No special tools are needed for assembly as only a nut wrench and screw driver are necessary.

Installation of the Ramp Flumes is simple and straight forward.  The ramp flume must be level from end to end and side to side.  The Ramp Flumes can be transported to the installation site by hand horse, truck or ATV.  The large ramp flumes are heavy and will require excavation equipment for lifting and site preparation.  The Ramp Flumes does not require surveying or complicated excavation for installation.  The cost of installation will be minimal.  Gloves should be used for safety during installation.

Extensive testing and evaluation under field and laboratory conditions have shown the Ramp Flumes consistently achieve accuracy to within 3%, when properly installed.  The increased flow velocity in the throat section discourages sediment accumulation in this part of the flume.  The approach section near the gauge has a self-cleaning function which provides long intervals for debris free operation and consistent accuracy.  This produces long periods of time between required cleaning and maintenance.

Advantages of ramp flumes:

  • Direct reading flow gauge
  • No need for flow rate tables
  • Ease of flume installation
  • Adaptable to various canal shapes and sizes and reduces upstream ponding
  • Can be used to line canals

Ramp Flumes Options

Choosing the correct flume size for your application is important.  We suggest using the smallest size flume that will accommodate your channel's flow.  The Ramp Flumes are available in several standard sizes, as shown below.

Max Flow Rate (cfs) Max Flow Rate (gpm) Min Flow Rate (cfs) Min Flow Rate (gpm) Shipping Weight Part Number
3.5 1571 0.1 45 62 lbs RF3.5
7.0 3142 0.1 45 86 lbs RF7
10.0 4488 0.1 45 108 lbs RF10
20.0 8976 0.5 224 400 lbs RF20
40.0 17952 1.0 448 665 lbs RF40
60.0 26928 1.5 672 732 lbs RF60
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