Process and altitude gauges to check water tank levels and system pressures.
process gauges,altitude gauge FEATURES:
  • 0.5% full-scale accuracy
  • 316 SS wetted materials
  • Rugged phenolic case with safety glass lens
  • Large, easy to read dial
  • PG200 single scale PSI
  • PG250 dual scale altitude (Ft of WC) and PSI
Process Gauges Product Description

The PG200 single scale process gauges and PG250 dual scale altitude gauges provide high accuracy and premium materials for demanding applications such as water tank levels and system pressures.  The process gauges rugged phenolic case are completely sealed and may be surface-mounted for panel applications.  Both the PG200 process gauges and PG250 altitude gauges are filled with glycerin, which absorbs shock, reduces vibration effects and lubricates the movement to assure a long trouble free service life.*

Single Scale Process Gauges
The PG200 Single Scale Process Gauge has a large, easy read single scale dial that shows psi.  These gauges are typically used in evaluating water systems for pressure problems and obtaining system modeling data.

Dual Scale Altitude Gauges
Commonly called an “altitude gauge”, the PG250’s large dual scale shows both feet of head (WC (Water Column)) and PSI.  Since there is a direct correlation between water pressure and water column (the highest level of the water above the measuring point), altitude gauges are commonly used to determine level readings on water tanks and towers.

*NOTE: Due to the large case volume of the process gauges some leakage of fill material is normal as a result of temperature and pressure variations.  Glycerin is a low-reactive, non-hazardous liquid.

Process Gauges Specifications

Accuracy: 0.5% of full scale
Wetted materials: 316 SS
Case material: Phenolic body; laminated safety glass lens
Connection: 1/4" NPT(M), bottom
Dial size: 4 1/2"
Mounting: Stem or surface
Weight: 1.6Lbs (726 g)
Dimensions: 6” dia. X 3” deep (15.24cm dia. X 7.62cm deep)

Process Gauges Options

PG200-15 Process Gauge
Single scale 15 PSI gauge
PG200-30 Process Gauge
Single scale 30 PSI gauge
PG200-60 Process Gauge
Single scale 60 PSI gauge
PG200-100 Process Gauge
Single scale 100 PSI gauge
PG200-160 Process Gauge
Single scale 160 PSI gauge
PG200-200 Process Gauge
Single scale 200 PSI gauge
PG200-300 Process Gauge
Single scale 300 PSI gauge
Dual Scale Altitude Gauges
PG250-15 Altitude Gauge
Dual Scale 15 PSI/34.6 FT gauge
PG250-30 Altitude Gauge
Dual Scale 30 PSI/69.2 FT gauge
PG250-60 Altitude Gauge
Dual Scale 60 PSI/138.4 FT gauge
PG250-100 Altitude Gauge
Dual Scale 100 PSI/230.67 FT gauge
PG250-160 Altitude Gauge
Dual Scale 160 PSI/369.07 FT gauge
PG250-200 Altitude Gauge
Dual Scale 200 PSI/461.33 FT gauge
PG250-300 Altitude Gauge
Dual Scale 300 PSI/692 FT gauge
PG100 Liquid Filled Pressure Gauge    
PG300 Digital Pressure Gauge

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