Portable multiparameter meters that combines handheld convenience with benchtop features.
field pH meters FEATURES:
  • Robust, water proof and field ready
  • Up to three deep water probes can be used at once
  • Long life and powerful NiMH rechargeable batteries
Portable Multiparameter Meters Product Description

The robust and user friendly WTW ProfiLine Multi 1970i Portable Multiparameter Meters are both hose down-proof (IP 66) and submersible (IP 67).  With its recorder output, real-time clock and 500 data file data logger standard, the rugged Portable Multiparameter Meters conform to all GLP requirements.  Designed for multitasking to make your job quicker and easier, the Multi 1970i Portable Multiparameter Meter allows the simultaneous connection of pH, conductivity and oxygen sensors.  An intuitive user interface makes it easy for the portable multiparameter meter to measure a parameter and store in memory.  Field ready, the Multi 1970i Portable Multiparameter Meters feature powerful NiMH rechargeable batteries (up to 600 hours or operation per charge) and is equipped with a carrying/support handle and carrying strap as standard.

Deep Water Measurement of Oxygen, pH and Conductivity
The Multi 1970i Portable Multiparameter Meters have a convenient built-in preamplifier to work with the WTW deep water sensors for single-parameter operation at depths down to 330 ft (100 m).  Up to three deep water sensors can be simultaneously connected to the Portable Multiparameter Meters using the adapter ADA/TA 197 pH.  The WTW deep water sensor assemblies are pressure resistant up to 145 psi (10 bar), have an integrated temperature measurement, steel armoring, a screw-on protective hood and are available with up to 330 ft (100 m) of cable with a waterproof plug (IP 67).  These compact sensors will even fit small monitoring wells down to 2 (50 mm).  Choose one or all three: TA 197 Oxi oxygen probe, TA 197 pH pH probe or TA 197 LF 4-electrode conductivity probe.

Portable Multiparameter Meters Specifications

  pH Measurement Oxygen Measurement Conductivity Measurement
Ranges pH: -2 to 19.99
mV: -1999 to 1999
O2 conc.: 0.00 to 19.99 mg/l, 0.0 to 90.0 mg/l*
O2 saturation: 0.00 to 19.99%, 0.0 to 600%*
0.0 S/cm to 500 mS/cm in 4 ranges
Salinity: 0.0 to 70.0
Accuracy (+1 digit) pH: 0.01 pH
mV: 1.0 mV
O2 conc.: 0.5% of value Cond: 1.0 % of value
Temp Comp Automatic: 23 to 221 F(5 to 105.0 C)
Manual: -4 to 266 F(20 to 130 C)
Automatic: via IMT compensation 32 to 104 F(0 to 40 C) Non-linear function for ultra-pure and natural waters to EN 27 888
Calibration 1 - 2 point with technical buffers Automatic Automatic

*depends on oxygen sensor and medium

Air Pressure Comp.: Automatic with built-in pressure sensor for dissolved oxygen measurements
Salinity Correction: Automatic or manual for dissolved oxygen measurements
Ref. Temperature: 68 F/77 F (20 C/25 C) selectable for conductivity measurements
Ambient Conditions
     Storage: -13 to 149 F(-25 to 65 C)
     Operation: 14 to 131 F(-10 to 55 C)
     Climatic Class: 2
Output: RS-232
Display: Multi-line LCD
Electrical Safety: Protective class III
Ingress Protection: IP 67
Power: Rechargeable NiMH battery
Battery life: Apprx. 600 hr per charge with power pack/charger
Dimensions: 3.54x7.87x7.48 in (90x200x190 mm)
Weight: 3.3 lb (1.5kg) (without plug-in power supply)
Certifications: CE

Portable Multiparameter Meters Options

Multi 1970i Portable Multiparameter Meter
Multiparameter meter with universal AC power supply.  Probes not included.
Deep Water Sensor Assemblies and Accessories
TA 197 Oxi-25 Deep water oxygen sensor
w/82 FT (25 m) cable
TA 197 Oxi-40 Deep water oxygen sensor
w/131 FT (40 m) cable
TA 197 Oxi-60 Deep water oxygen sensor
w/197 FT (60 m) cable
TA 197 Oxi-100 Deep water oxygen sensor
w/328 FT (100 m) cable
BR 325 Stirrer accessory for TA 197 Oxi probes    
TA 197 pH-25 Deep water pH sensor
w/82 FT (25 m) cable
TA 197 pH-40 Deep water pH sensor
w/131 FT (40 m) cable
TA 197 pH-60 Deep water pH sensor
w/197 FT (60 m) cable
TA 197 pH-100 Deep water pH sensor
w/328 FT (100 m) cable
TA 197 LF-25 Deep water conductivity sensor
w/82 FT (25 m) cable
TA 197 LF-40 Deep water conductivity sensor
w/131 FT (40 m) cable
TA 197 LF-60 Deep water conductivity sensor
w/197 FT (60 m) cable
TA 197 LF-100 Deep water conductivity sensor
w/328 FT (100 m) cable
ADA/TA 197 pH Connection accessory for up to three sensors    

Multi 3400i Kit Multi-parameter Meter
Includes Multi 3400i, SenTix 41-3 pH electrode, CellOx 325-3 oxygen electrode, TetraCon 325-3 conductivity sensor, Tech. buffers 4 and 7, 3 M KCl, cleaning solution, 3 exch. membr. heads, electrolyte, abrasive foil, cond standard (1413 S/cm)  All sensors have 9.8 ft (3 m) of cable.

Multi 3500i Kit Handheld Multiparameter Meter
Includes Multi 3500i, SenTix 41-3 pH electrode, ConOx-3 conductivity/oxygen electrode, PC comm. pkg, case & acc..  All sensors have 9.8 ft (3 m) of cable.
U-22XD-2 Multiparameter Probe
Use the multiparameter probe to monitor 10 different parameters, including total suspended solids, water depth, and ORP.
W-23XD-2 Water Quality Sonde
Water quality instrumentation for simultaneously measuring up to 13 different parameters.
WQMS Water Quality Monitoring System
The standard unit includes a datalogger, temperature sensor, pH sensor, conductivity sensor (with a 0-5000S range unless otherwise specified), and DO sensor.

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