iRIS-CAM Wastewater Security Camera
Security camera for water and wastewater sytems.

wastewater security camera,water protection

  • Low power
  • Fully weather sealed
  • Images easily retrieved from host datalogger
  • Cost effective
Wastewater Security Camera Product Description

The iRIS-CAM Wastewater Security Camera makes it easy for you to add a higher level of security to your water treatment plants, wastewater collection systems, and remote environmental monitoring sites.  The rugged and reliable Wastewater Security Cameras are an accessory for the iRIS 350 SDI-12 Datalogger.  The Wastewater Security Camera has been designed and constructed for use in harsh outdoor and industrial environments.

External Power Supply
The water protection cameras do not require an internal power supply nor battery.  The iRISCAM Wastewater Security Cameras are powered directly from the iRIS 350 via an interconnecting cable.

Quality Imaging
The fixed-focus water security camera module is capable of capturing and processing full color images in one of four different resolutions.  The wastewater security camera images are stored in a compressed JPEG format for compatibility with a wide range of viewing applications.  The typical size of each compressed wastewater system security camera image is around 5 to 45kb depending on the resolution and complexity of the image.

Flexible Image Capturing
The iRIS 350 can capture images with the iRISCAM Wastewater Security Camera based on a schedule, an external trigger attached to one of the digital inputs (e.g. a contact switch), or trigger value(s) for any connected sensor(s).

Heavy-Duty Enclosure
The iRIS-CAM Wastewater Security Camera includes a case constructed from a special corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy that is hard anodized.  This gives a very high degree of mechanical strength and EMI shielding to the water security system cameras.  The cable entry is through a small hole on the left side of the wastewater system security camera, and the electronics are potted in epoxy resin for complete waterproofing.  Four holes are provided for secure mounting of the water protection camera enclosure.

Simple Setup and Deployment
The iRIS-CAM Wastewater Security Camera includes a PC-based utility is for final setup of the water security camera before it is connected to the iRIS 350 and deployed.  The Wastewater Security Camera's utility allows pictures to be taken and viewed directly from a laptop or PC.

Wastewater Security Camera Specifications

Resolution:  Selectable 80x60, 160x120, 320x240 or 640x480 pixels, 24 bit color
Lens:  F2.8, focal length 4mm, integral IR filter
Power Supply:  3.3VDC 10% (powered via cable)
Operating Temperature:  -10C to +70C (14F to +158F)
Storage Temperature:  -10C to +85C (14F to +185F)
Enclosure:  Sealed to IP67
Dimensions:  4.60 x 6.37 x 2.64" (162 x 116 x 65mm)
Weight:  10.6oz (300g) including cable

Wastewater Security Camera Options

iRIS-CAM Wastewater Security Camera
Requires iRIS 320 logger to record images.  Includes all connection cables.
iRIS 350 SDI-12 Wireless Dataloggers
Includes 4-Analog inputs, 4-Digital I/O, SDI-12 Bus for 10 SDI-12 sensors, and internal modem.

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