Flow verification sensors for constantly monitoring chemical flow.
micro-flow flow verification sensors FEATURES:
  • Detects loss of chemical flow through pump
  • Installs directly on A-100NV and C-1100V metering pumps
  • Easy, three-wire connection made in the pumpís junction box
  • No special connectors to buy
  • No calibration required
Flow Verification Sensors Product Description

Are you sure your chemical pump is actually pumping?  An empty chemical tank, clogged injection fitting, lost prime, and other problems can prevent a metering pump from actually injecting chemical - even though the pump is in good working order!  The Micro-Flow Flow Verification Sensor can be connected directly to model A-100NV and C-1100V metering pumps to verify that chemical is actually flowing.  The Flow Verification Sensors work with the pumpís sophisticated electronics to constantly monitor chemical flow.  If chemical should fail to inject, the flow verification sensors will cause the pump will stop and an alarm relay will close allowing for remote alarm indication or initiation of a back-up injector pump.

Flow Verification Sensors Specifications

Max. Working Pressure: 150 psig (10.3 bar) @ 70 F (21 C)
Max. Fluid Temperature: 200 F (93 C) @ 0 PSI
Body, Paddle, Axle material: PVDF
Connector material: PVDF
O-ring seals: Viton
Compression seal to pump: PVC
Approximate shipping wt: 1 lb. (.45 kg)

Flow Verification Sensors Options

FV-100-6V Flow Verification Sensors
11.4 to 114 GPD (30 to 300 ml/Min)
FV-200-6V Flow Verification Sensors
38.0 to 380 GPD (100 to 1000 ml/Min)
FV-300-6V Flow Verification Sensors
76.0 to 760 GPD (200 TO 2000 ml/Min)
FV-400-6V Flow Verification Sensors
114 to 1140 GPD (300 to 3000 ml/Min)
FV-500-6V Flow Verification Sensors
190 to 1900 GPD (500 to 5000 ml/Min)
FV-600-6V Flow Verification Sensors
266 to 2660 GPD (700 to 7000 ml/Min)
A100NV Digital Peristaltic Pump    
C-1100V Digital Diaphragm Metering Pump    
C3F Digital Chemical Metering Pump



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