Waterproof temperature data loggers for remote monitoring.
temperature data loggers FEATURES:
  • Completely waterproof
  • Temperature resistant up to +284F (+140C)
  • Stainless steel housing
  • Standard logger with eyelet for mounting
Temperature Data Loggers Product Description

The programmable EBI-85 and EBI-125, temperature data loggers are easy to handle and have many applications.  With the temperature data logger you can measure and store up to 18,000 temperature values with a sample setting from one second to 8 hours per reading.  The sampling rate (interval) and ambient temperature have influence on the life span of the battery.  For example at 77 F (25 C) if the temperature data logger is set to sample once every second the internal batteries will last about one year, however if the temperature data logger is set to sample once an hour the batteries will last eight year.  The EBI-85 temperature data logger measures up to 185F (85C), while the EBI-125 measures up to 257F (125C).  To program the temperature data loggers the user needs the WINLOG 2000 software and the EBIAE-S temperature data logger interface.

The EBI-85 and EBI-125, temperature data loggers, have many applications including stream, river, or lake temperature measurements, temperature recording for process monitoring, monitoring autoclaves and temperature chambers, process validation, temperature monitoring during transport, temperature monitoring in laboratories with explosion hazards, and many more.

Temperature Data Loggers Specifications

Sensor: Pt 1000
Measuring range with internal temperature sensor:
     EBI-85 A: -40 to +185F (-40 to +85C)
     EBI-125 A: -40 to +257F (-40 to +125C)
     Continuous operation: -40 to +257F (-40 to +125C)
     Up to 3 hours: at 266F (130C)
     Up to 1 hour: at 284F (140C)
Operating temperature:
     EBI-85 A: -40 to +185F (-40 to +85C)
     EBI-125 A: -40 to +257F (-40 to +125C)
Storage temperature:
     EBI-85 A: -40 to +185F (-40 to +85C)
     EBI-125 A: -40 to +257F (-40 to +125C)
Sampling rate: 1 s to 8 h
Resolution: 0.1F (0.1C)
Accuracy: +0.5F (+ 0.3C)
Channels: 1
Storage memory: approx. 18,000 values
Data output: M-BUS
Battery: lithium 3.6 V
Life span of battery: 5 to 8 years depending on sample interval
Casing: Stainless-steel with PEEK ring
Max. pressure abs: 20 mbar to 20 bar
Protection class: IP 68
Dimensions: Height 1.1 in (28 mm), Diameter 1.9 in (48 mm)
Weight: approx. 3.5 oz (100 g)

Temperature Data Loggers Options

EBI-85 A-OE-Set Temperature Data Logger Kit
Includes EBI-85 A-OE temperature data logger, Winlog.standard software, EBI-85 interface, and USB cable.
EBI-85 A-OE Temperature Data Logger    
EBI-125 A-OE-Set Temperature Data Logger Kit
Includes EBI-125 A-OE temperature data logger, Winlog.standard software, EBI-125 interface, and USB cable.
EBI-125 A-OE Temperature Data Logger   temperature data loggers
EBI-AE-S Temperature Data Logger Interface Station
Interface-Set includes USB for EBI-85 and 125 (without Software).
  temperature data logger interface
EBI-WINLOG 2000-S Temperature Data Logger Software
Software (Standard Version).
1340-2302 Additional license for Software EBI-WINLOG 2000-S    
EBI-20-T-Set Temperature Datalogger Kit
Includes EBI-20-T datalogger, Winlog.basic software, EBI-20 interface, and USB cable.
TLC 720 Handheld Infrared Thermometer    
TFI 500 Non-contact Thermometer    
TFH 610 Handheld Hygrothermometer    
RH305 Digital Psychrometer Kit
Includes RH300 psychrometer, external temperature probe, 33% and 75% calibration bottles, 2 AAA batteries and carrying case.
RH300 Digital Psychrometer    
WE600 4-20mA Humidity Sensor  
WE700 4-20mA Temperature Sensor  
RH520 Paperless Humidity/Temperature Chart Recorder

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