chlorine meters FEATURES:
  • Direct readings in less than a minute
  • Automatic Electronic Calibration
  • Flat Surface Electrode
  • Saves up to 15 readings
  • Unaffected by sample color or turbidity
Chlorine Meters Product Description

The CL200 Chlorine Meter features a unique flat surface electrode that provides fast and easy direct chlorine readings that wont be affected by light, scratched vials, color or turbidity of samples.

The chlorine meters were designed with a waterproof, rugged housing and flat surface electrode that can withstand harsh environments while offering lab precision accuracy no matter where you take your readings.

The CL200 Chlorine Meter is made for wet environments.  The chlorine meters can save up to 15 sequentially tagged readings in its memory, which allows detection of changes over time.  The chlorine meters also, display direct readout in ppm (1ppm = 1mg/L).  The chlorine meters are specially designed to eliminate virtually all error factors to give you precise readings wherever a measurement is needed.

Chlorine Meters Specifications

ppm: 0.01 to 10.00ppm (10 to 50ppm using dilution method)
Temperature: 23 to 194F (-5 to +90C)
Max. Resolution: 0.01ppm; 0.1F/C
Accuracy: 10% of reading 0.01ppm; 1.8F/1C
Power: four LR44 button batteries
Size: 1.4x6.8x1.6 (35.6x172.7x40.6mm)
Weight: 3.8oz (110g)

Chlorine Meter Options

CL200 Chlorine Meter
Includes sample cup with cap, 5pks of 10 reagent tablets, batteries, and a 48 neckstrap.
CL205 Spare Chlorine Meter Electrode    
CL203 Reagent tablets (10pk - 100 tests)    
EX007 Spare sample solution cups (24pk)    
CA895 Carrying Case, Small with Belt Loop    
EX010 Extension Cable, 3ft (1 Meter) with probe weight    
EX050 Extension Cable, 16ft (5 Meter) with probe weight    
TC-3000 Portable Chlorine Meters
Measure Chlorine, Turbidity, and Color in one meter.
CL500 Online Chlorine Analyzers    
DPD Portable Chlorine Reagent Dispenser    
WQ Water Quality Sensors

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