Monitor Soil Moisture
soil moisture sensor FEATURES:
  • Reliable and accurate
  • High-level output signal for datalog and control connection
  • Can be installed vertically to monitor average moisture through a soil column or horizontally to monitor moisture at a specific soil depth
Soil Moisture Sensor Product Description

Global Water's AT210 Soil Moisture Sensor provides reliable and accurate soil moisture monitoring for applications including:

  • Bioremediation
  • Wastewater Reclamation
  • Landfill Management
  • Agriculture

Water is the primary factor in determining the dielectic constant of soil.  Global Water's Soil Moisture sensor measures the dielectric constant of the soil, which is directly related to the water content of the soil.  The sensor uses TDR, time domain reflectometry, for direct soil moisture measurement.

When installed vertically, the moisture sensor can be used to average moisture readings along a soil column.  When installed horizontally, the sensor can be used to measure moisture at a specific soil depth.

The Soil Moisture Sensor has a high level output signal for direct interface to a variety of control, datalogging, and telemetry systems.  Global Water offers remote monitoring and control products with exceptional capabilities.  In addition, Global Water's Temperature Sensor can used in conjunction with the Soil Moisture Sensor to enhance systems monitoring plant growth and controlling bioremediation.

Soil Moisture Sensor Specifications

Range: 0-100% saturation
Accuracy: +2%
Power Requirements: 12 VDC  20% @ 40 mA
Output: 4-20mA
Weight: 2.5lbs (1.1kg)
Dimensions: 3/4" diameter x 30-1/2" long


AT210 Soil Moisture Sensor  
WQEXC Extra Cable
Standard sensors include 25' of cable, but can be purchased with up to 500' of cable.

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