Industrial pH Transmitters and pH probes

pH transmitters

  • Isolated 4-20 ma output scalable to any 1 pH unit span
  • NEMA 4X Enclosure
  • Large LCD Screen
  • High Accuracy
  • Manual/Auto Temp. Compensation
  • Wide Power Supply Range
  • High Input Impedance
Industrial pH Transmitters Product Description

The industrial pH transmitter is a 2-wire 4-20 mA pH transmitter enclosed in a sealed NEMA-4 enclosure.  The industrial pH transmitter has an LCD screen powered by 11 to 80 VDC.  The pH transmitter’s span has selectable pH values from 1 to 14 pH units via an internal dip switch.  The industrial pH transmitter uses BNC connections for the pH transmitter’s pH probe and has tinned leads for a 3-K Balco ATC temperature probe or simulation resistor (3K resistor included).  NOTE: If you will be using the industrial pH transmitter to monitor liquid with a pH close to 7pH or if your water temperature is close to 77°F the 3-K Balco ATC temperature probe will not be needed.

Global Water's GL500 pH Recorder adds recording capabilities to the industrial pH transmitters.  The GL500 pH Recorder connects to the pH transmitter's 4-20mA output to record data.  In addition, Global Water offers the PC300 pH Controller to use the industrial pH transmitter's output to control pumps or alarms.


Industrial pH Transmitters Specifications

Industrial pH Transmitter:
     Range: 0 to 14.00 pH
     Resolution: 0.01 pH
     Accuracy: 0.02pH + 1 digit
Span: Any 1 to 14 pH unit, selectable with internal DIP switch
Temp compensation: Auto 0 to 100.0 °C or manual using fixed resistor
Input impedance: >1012 ohms
Output: 4 to 20 mA
Operating temperature: -10 to 60 °C
Connector: BNC
Power Source: 11 to 80 VDC
Dimensions: 4.92 x 2.95 x 3.94 (NEMA 4X case)

Industrial pH Transmitters Options

695pH Industrial pH Transmitter
(Sensor not included).  3K resistor included to simulate 77°F (25°C).
600P Industrial pH Probe
Industrial pH probe: epoxy with BNC connector non-threaded.  Comes with a 3' cable.  Max Temp. 60º C
  Industrial pH probe,Industrial pH controller
WQ220-020B Industrial pH Probe w/threads
Industrial pH sensor: CPVC with BNC connector, 3/4"MNPT, Flat surface, Double junction.  Comes with a 20 ft cable.
  Industrial pH probe,Industrial pH controller
693-3K ATC pH transmitter temperature probe
6’ cable, Stainless Steel Probe, Tinned Leads
PH-10 Handheld pH Meter    
PH-25 pH Tester
pH-25 does not include electrode.
WQ201 pH Sensor    
GL500 pH Recorder
pH recorder for pH sensor datalogging.  Includes Global Logger Software.  With weather proof enclosure and 12V battery.
  data logger optional battery and weather-resistant case
PC300 pH Controller   pH sensor,pH transmitter controller
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