Convert multiple analog sensors into SDI-12 output.
analog SDI-12 converter FEATURES:
  • Convert 2 analog sensors and one pulse counter
  • Programmable slopes and offsets
  • Monitor battery voltage and temperature
  • DIN rail mountable
Analog to SDI-12 Converter Product Description
The 4046 Analog to SDI-12 Converter provides an interface to convert inputs form two analog sensors and one pulse counter to an SDI (serial data interface).  The Analog to SDI-12 Converter also provides internal measurements of battery voltage and ambient temperature.  The Analog to SDI-12 Converter responds to all basic SDI commands and enters a low power sleep state when it is not being polled.

The 4046 Analog to SDI-12 Converter has user programmable slope and offset values for the analog and pulse counter inputs.  The analog to SDI-12 converter has a user programmable sensor warm-up time.  Additionally the analog to SDI-12 converter temperature scale can be changed from F to C or vice versa.

Analog to SDI-12 Converter Specifications

Inputs: Gnd, +12VDC, (2) Analog 0-5VDC, Tipping Bucket (contact closure to ground)
Communication: SDI-12 (version 1.1 compliant)
Wire Size: #24 - #14 AWG
Connections: Screw Terminal
Mounting: DIN rail (35mm)
Sensor Power: 12VDC or 5.00VDC (jumper selectable)
Power Supply: 12 VDC, <200uA during sleep, <1A for sensor power.
Operating Temperature: -22 to 140F (-30 to 60C)
Size: 3.5x0.75x2.1 (89x19x53mm) (LxWxH)
Weight: 1.9 oz (54g)

Analog to SDI-12 Converter Options

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