Conductivity transmitters and conductivity recorders for measuring low conductivity.

conductivity transmitters,conductivity recorder

  • Isolated 4-20 ma output
  • Selectable Wide Measurement Range
  • Automatic Temperature Compensation
  • 1/8 DIN Mounting
  • Adjustable Zero
  • High 50/60 Hz Noise Rejection
Product Description

The industrial conductivity transmitter is a 4-wire 4-20 mA conductivity transmitter enclosed in a 1/8 DIN aluminum mounting enclosure.  The industrial conductivity transmitter has an isolated 4-20 mA output with display on a large LCD screen powered by 115/230 VAC.  The conductivity transmitter has selectable conductivity values from 19.99 uS/cm to 199.9 mS/cm via internal dip switch and jumper settings.  The industrial conductivity transmitters use a 10k thermistor for 5 to 55°C values for automatic temperature compensation.  The industrial conductivity transmitter connections are made with terminal blocks via spade lug connectors.

Global Water's GL500 Conductivity Recorder adds recording capabilities to the conductivity transmitter.  The GL500 Conductivity Recorder connects to the conductivity transmitter's 4-20mA output to record data.  In addition, Global Water offers the PC300 Conductivity Controller to use the conductivity transmitter's output to control pumps or alarms.


Industrial Conductivity Transmitter:

Range: Resolution: Cell Constant:
0 to 19.99 uS/cm 0.01 uS/cm K=0.01
0 to 199.9 uS/cm 0.1 uS/cm K=1.0
0 to 1999 uS/cm 1.0 uS/cm K=1.0
0 to 19.99 mS/cm 0.01 mS/cm K=1.0
0 to 199.9 mS/cm 0.1 mS/cm K=10

Range: Selectable via dipswitch and jumper
Accuracy: +1% of Span + 1 Digit
ATC: 5-55°C +2%/°C, 10k Thermistor
Output: 4-20mA (Isolated)
Load: 450 ohms
Isolation to GND: 500 VDC
Input Impedance: >1012 ohm
Operating Temperature: 5-45°C
Power Source: 115 to 230 VAC +15%, 50/60Hz
Mounting: 1/8 DIN Aluminum Case

Industrial Conductivity Transmitter Options

392 Industrial Conductivity Transmitter
Industrial Conductivity Transmitter Sensor not included.
392-120 Industrial Conductivity Sensor
SS probe, Platinum, 0 to 1000 uS, 10-ft cable, ABS Plastic Body, 3/4 in MNPT mounting, Tinned Leads
  Industrial Conductivity Sensor
392SBC Industrial High Range Conductivity Transmitter
Range 0-5mS or 0-15mS. Conductivity Sensor not included.
392-121 Industrial Conductivity Sensor
SS probe, Platinum, 0 to 5000 uS, 10-ft cable, ABS Plastic Body, 3/4 in MNPT mounting, Tinned Leads. NOTE: For 392SBC only.
  Industrial Conductivity Sensor
CD-30 Conductivity Tester    
DUO-60 Conductivity Meters    
Vario Cond Temperature Conductivity Meter TetraCon® V Kit Includes: Vario Cond, mobile case, TetraCon® V cell, and KCl solution.    
Cond 3150i Set Handheld Conductivity Meter Set
Includes meter, probe, case & accessories.
Cond 1970i Portable Conductivity Meter
Conductivity meter with universal AC power supply.
WQ301 Conductivity Transmitter
Specify conductivity transmitter range when ordering: 0-5,000, 0-10,000, 0-20,000 Micro Siemens (micro mhos).
GL500 Conductivity Recorder
Conductivity recorder for conductivity sensor datalogging.  Includes Global Logger Software.  With weather proof enclosure and 12V battery.
  data logger optional battery and weather-resistant case
PC300 Conductivity Controller   conductivity transmitter controller
WQ Water Quality Sensors

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