Temperature controllers to monitor and control temperature in process water or wastewater.

temperature controllers,temperature controller

  • Analog voltage output
  • Proportional bandwidth control
  • Set points on front panel
  • Large bright red LED screen
  • Manual adjustable reset
Temperature Controllers Product Description

Global Waters Temperature Controllers are high performance industrial grade digital indicating, single set point proportional/On-Off controllers for use with type K, J, T and E thermocouples.  Thermocouple gain and cold junction are automatically compensated by the Temperature Controllers internal electrode circuits.  An accurate 1 mV per display count analog output is provided to interface the Temperature Controller with a recorder, printer and so on.  The Temperature Controller uses a bright red LED screen.

The Temperature Controllers are a single set point proportional/On-Off controller.  The proportional bandwidth is adjustable from On-Off to 100 C or 100 F with built-in hysteresis.  The cycle time is factory set to 20 second 3 seconds.  The Temperature Controllers have a front panel manual adjust reset potentiometer.

The Temperature Controllers are 1/8 DIN front panel mount inside of a plastic housing.  Temperature controller probe connections are made via spade lug connectors.

Temperature Controllers Specifications

Temperature Controller:

Model: Type: Range: Resolution: Accuracy:
378KC K 0 to 1000 C 1 C 0.50% 1 count
378KF K 0 to 1999 F 1 F 0.50% 1 count
378JC J 0 to 550 C 1 C 0.40% 1 count
378JF J 0 to 1000 F 1 F 0.40% 1 count

Hysteresis: C model 6 C ( 3 C)
     F model 10 F ( 5 F)
Proportional Band: Adjustable from on/off to 100 oC or 100 oF with built in hysteresis
Cycle Time: 20 + 3 seconds
Reset: Manual adjust
Operating Temperature: 0 to 40 C
Analog Output: 1 mV/count, 0.30% of span 1 mV
T/C Burnout: Upscale
Output Relay: 8 A at 115 VAC, 4A at 230 VAC, resistive load
Power Source: 115/230VAC , 10% 50/60 Hz
Dimensions: 3.75x2x4.25in (96x48x105mm)
Weight: 1 lb (0.38 kgs)
Mounting: 1/8" DIN

Temperature Controllers Options

378JC/JF Temperature Controller
Does not include temperature probe.  Please specify Farenheit or Celsius at time of order.
378KC/KF Temperature Controller
Does not include temperature probe.  Please specify Farenheit or Celsius at time of order.
PC300 Temperature Controller   Temperature controllers

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