Monitor and control process water using ORP sensors
ORP controllers,Oxygen reduction potential controller FEATURES:
  • Automatic temperature compensation 0-100 C
  • Set points on front panel
  • Large bright red LED screen
  • Easy to install
ORP Controller Product Description
Global Waters ORP Controller is a 1/8 DIN panel mount controller with dual SPDT Hi/Lo relays, manual set points and calibration potentiometers set into the front of the panel.  The ORP controllers feature a voltage/recorder output and an internal ORP select switch.  The ORP Controller's display is a large 0.56 high efficiency bright red LED.  The ORP Controller's sensor connectors are a BNC input and spade lug screw type connector block.  The ORP Controller requires a Pt-100 ATC probe or a simulation resistor for temperature.

The ORP controllers use an all solid state design to achieve low power consumption and reduced internal heating.  Each ORP controller is heat cycled 100 hours before shipment.  The ORP controller offers automatic pH temperature compensation from 0 to 100C and set points that cover the entire ORP sensor span.

ORP Controller Specifications

ORP Controller Range:
  pH:  0 to 14.0
  Temp:  0 to 100 C
  mV:  -1990 to +1990
  pH:  0.1
  Temp:  1 C
  mV:  10
  pH (+ digit):  0.1 (relative) when standardized within 2 pH
  Temp (+ digit):  1
  mV (+ digit):  +0.1 %

Input Impedance:  >1012 ohms
Temperature Compensation:  Auto 0.0 to 100.0 C
Recorder Output (Full Range):
  pH:  1400 mV
  Temp:  1000 mV
  mV:  + 1990mV

Dual point ON/OFF control:  pH or ORP with internal select switch
Dead Band:  + 0.1 pH for each set point
Relay Output:  8 Amp at 115 VAC, 4 Amp at 230 VAC
Readout:  0 .56 high efficiency red LED display
Power Source:  115 VAC, 230 VAC + 15% 50/60 Hz
Dimension:  3.75"x2"x6.75" (96x48x172mm)
Weight:  1.5 lbs (0.69 kg)

ORP Controller Options

3671 KB ORP Controller Kit
Kit includes: ORP controller, 600P pH/Ref Electrode, and ATC probe.
3671 ORP Controller    
600P ORP Controller pH/Ref Electrode
Industrial pH sensor: epoxy with BNC connector.  Comes with a 3' cable.  Max Temp. 60 C
  Industrial pH sensor,Industrial pH controller
600E-ORP Industrial ORP Transmitter Sensor
Industrial ORP sensor: epoxy with BNC connector, Max Temp. 60 C, 3-ft cable.
  Industrial ORP sensor,Industrial ORP controller
3671A ATC phono plug
Glass, Pt-100 with Phono Plug, 30 Inch Cable
  Industrial pH sensor
3675 pH/ORP Controller    
PC300 ORP Controller   ORP controller

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