FS2 products include On-Chip Instrumentation (OCI) technology which is included in the synthesizable core or processor, or it may be an option licensed from the core IP vendor. To learn more about OCI, visit our technology page.

FS2 Navigator suite of tools and OCI technology are currently in use with the following:

Current Product List Product Usage
BUS NAVIGATOR FS2 Bus Navigator™ On-chip Logic Analyzers for AMBA AHB, OCP, and Sonics SiliconBackplane Bus SOCs
FPGAView Software Software for Configuring and Debugging Altera FPGAs with Tektronix TLA Logic Analyzer
LNAV-ACTEL Logic Navigator™ debug tool for Actel FPGAs including ProASICPLUS
ISA-NIOS II System Navigator for Altera Nios Embedded Processors
SNAV-GX System Navigator tools for AMD Geode™ GX processor
VSA-8X/18X ARC International V186 and Turbo186 (formerly VAutomation)
SNAV-MIPS System Navigator for MIPS 4K™, 4KE™, M4K™, and 5K™ cores
LNAV-ATMEL Logic Navigator™ debug tool for Atmel FPGAs
ISA-CAST51 Cast 8051 Synthesizable Microcontroller Cores
ISA-ZSP500 LSI Logic ZSP™500 DSP Cores
MED System Multi-core Embedded Debug System
ISA-M8051EW Mentor Graphics M8051EW Core
OEM product for Actel ProASIC and ProASICPLUS devices
ISA-QMIPS and ISA-Eclipse QuickLogic QuckMIPS and Eclipse Devices
SNAV-XTENSA System Navigator for Tensilica Xtensa Cores
ISA-eZ80 ZiLOG eZ80 Family Microprocessors and Microcontrollers
System Navigator for AMD Alchemy™ Processors System Navigator tools for AMD Alchemy Solutions Au1500™ and Au1550™ Processors
SNAV-P8051 System Navigator for Philips LPC952 Microcontroller
ISA-ACTEL51 System Analyzer for Actel Core8051™ Microcontroller Core

More products for other cores are on the way, so check back again in the future. Click on the product info link for available datasheets, manuals and other information.
FS2 strongly advocates considering development tool requirements early in your System-on-Chip design process. This necessitates a clear understanding of your team's and possibly target market’s development requirements once first silicon is available. Too often, people come to us when the silicon is close to tape out asking for assistance when their debugging problems loom large.

FS2 staff has catered to the needs of many embedded customers over the last 15 years and can help tune your development tool solutions into a competitive advantage when you are competing for design wins. We take into account your complete tool environment, such as source-level debugger, compilers, RTOS, network protocol analysis, and target connection requirements.

The FS2 design teams are account focused, guaranteeing that the end product is specific to your market requirements. Our design services are broad in scope, spanning from VHDL or Verilog IP development, debuggers, compilers, RTOS, and more. We have developed tools for applications ranging from medical electronics, office equipment, networking processors, Internet appliances and many more.

A typical project starts with an initial overview meeting. There is no charge for FS2 to review your needs, schedules and resources. If you decide to move forward, FS2 will prepare a Statement of Work - a complete review of our understanding of your market, your tool and product requirements. This document will give you a complete plan for your hardware and software debug requirements, with schedules, costs, and deliverables at every step of the process.

First Silicon Solutions generally charges fees for Non-Recurring Engineering (NRE) which include IP deliverables, delivery of beta and production quality debugging systems, and required software and documentation. If desired, FS2 can productize your development tools and provide an established sales and support channel for your customers. We make this process incredibly easy and cost effective, so you can focus your energies on developing SoC designs. If you would like to learn more, Contact Us

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