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Techical Specificatons



Size (HxWxL)

183 x 140 x 422 mm 
Vertical blocking when mounted: 300 mm

Weight 3,85 kg (without cable, level sensor and mounting accessories)
Materials Enclosure: Polyurethane (PU), stainless steel
Cable: Polyurethane jacketed
Cable Lengths 10, 20, 30 or length as needed up to 300 m
Protection IP68
Certifications CE
Temperature Range Operating: -20 to 50 °C
Storage: -30 to 60 °C
Power Required Input voltage: 4 to 26 VDC
Outputs 1 passive analog 4-20 mA (velocity only)
Communication RS-485 (serial MODBUS ASCII open protocol) for use with PLCs
RS-485 (proprietary protocol) for use with Unitrans or RTQ-Logger series
Field interchangeable: Automatic recognition between stationary or portable units
Flow Accuracy ±5% of reading (typical)

Flow Measurement

Method Conversion from surface velocity to average velocity by analyzing surface velocity distribution using a self-learning technology that doesn’t require theoretical modules nor site calibration.
Conversion of water level and pipe size to fluid area. Multiplication of fluid area by average velocity to obtain the flow rate.

Velocity Measurement

Method Non-Contact Radar Doppler
Measurement Range ±0,15 m/s to ±9 m/s
Measurement Bi-directional
Accuracy ±0.5% of reading ±zero stability
Zero Stability ±0,02 m/s
Minimum Velocity 0,15 m/s

Optional Combined Level Measurement (Ultrasonic)

Technology Non-Contact Ultrasonic Pulsed Echo
Measurement Range 0,00 to 1,75 m (with RAV-0001)
0,00 to 5,75 m (with RAV-0002)
Accuracy ±1% of reading ± zero stability
Zero Stability ±2 mm
Resolution 1 mm

Optional Combined Level Measurement (Radar)

Method Non-Contact Pulsed Radar
Range 0,01 to 15 m
Accuracy ±2 mm of reading
Resolution 1 mm

Optional Separate Level Measurement

Method Any 4-20 mA loop powered sensor




























































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