Tutorial: How to do GPRS Data Connection Using GSM/GPRS Modem


The intent of this document is to provide appropriate configuration settings for the Enabler-G modem when used on transparent and non-transparent GPRS networks. The Enabler platform is able to automate the appropriate requirements when using the PAD such that programmatic and/or manual intervention is not required.

Overview: GPRS service providers have two distinct methods of negotiating with mobile devices in order for them to obtain an IP address. This construct is known as transparency. A network is either transparent or non-transparent in architecture. The transparency determines if the mobile platform is required to provide a username and password to successfully connect to the network. A transparent network will not require a username and password, whereas, a non-transparent network will.

Enfora has designed a Packet Assembler/Disassembler (PAD) interface to facilitate connections to platforms that do not have an IP stack. The PAD can be fully automated to provide a network connection upon power up. Please see PAD Configuration and Use for detailed information concerning the PAD.

If the PAD is being used on a non-transparent network, it needs to provide a username and password to properly connect. The module will need to provide the authentication protocol required along with the username and password parameters. The following command provides this capability:

The following command sets the negotiation type.


<pt> 0 - No authentication (ignore login + pwd)

1 - PAP
2 - CHAP
3 - automatic authentication

GSM0000AN012 Page 1

The following command sets the authentication format and parameters.

AT%CGPCO=<n>,"<authentication format>",<cid>

<n> 0 - Inputs specified in Hexadecimal

1 - Inputs specified in ASCII

<Authentication format> Authentication format (ASCII),

<username>,<password> where

Username: Maximum 16 bytes ASCII string.

Password: Maximum 16 bytes ASCII string.

Authentication format(Hexadecimal):

Protocol Configuration Option specified in Hex value; maximum size is equal to 256 bytes.

<cid> 0 The new username, password, and protocol type is to be applied to all context Activation.

1 Context ID zero.

2 Context ID one.


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