Spider MT Family

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Quick Overview:

  • Enable virtually any telematics application with included software suite
  • Flexible customization through built-in programmable rules engine, a network router & control automation capabilities
  • Wireless data and voice port available for user email and voice communication
  • Auto-registration on power up
  • Internal battery back-up on the MT-μL allows for continued operation when main input power is removed
  • Utilize Enfora’s Services Gateway to tie quickly to existing applications or services

The Enfora Spider MT family is a certified quad-band integrated platform that provides complete GSM/GPRS functionality for mobile tracking applications. These small, economical devices also include integrated GPS capabilities. To address a variety of applications, onboard GPS data can be transmitted to centralized operations centers, Web pages, localized computers or mobile data terminals.

To accelerate deployment, use Enfora’s Services Gateway to quickly build links from your asset-tracking devices to your existing enterprise applications and services. The Services Gateway provides a complete view of your devices, enabling proactive asset management. It also supports popular enterprise software such as MS SQL Server, MySQL and Oracle.

Products included in the Spider MT family:

GSM2238 GSM2338


Please see the Spider MT product specs for further details and SKU information.


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