Enfora builds custom branded devices using their embedded and integrated platforms, software and gateways as building blocks. From integration to customization to complete wireless networking solutions, Enfora has deep experience in hardware and software engineering to assist todayís vertical market applications.


TicTalk: Addressing a new segment

What a great idea: Create a mobile phone just for kids. Modeci needed a mobile phone designed to be compatible with a Web-based interface for parental controls.

Our role: We developed a GSM phone that included the necessary hardware, user interface and backend software.

The results: The product is being marketed by a leading provider of innovative, technology-based educational products.


WeiTel: Adding phone capabilities to laptops & PDAs

What a great idea: Card slots enable new possibilities in portable computing devices. Weitel wanted to add convenient calling capabilities to PDAs and laptop PCs.

Our role: We developed a quad-band GSM/GPRS platform thatís compatible with Compact Flash Type II and PCMCIA slots. It also includes tools that provide easy setup and configuration with many carrier settings pre-defined.

The results: On-card plugínígo cellular calling with worldwide access.



Skypatrol: Providing affordable peace of mind

What a great idea: If you could ride along with your workforce, how much more productive would they be? Skypatrol wanted to create an affordable vehicle monitoring and location system that combined three cost-effective technologies: GPS, cellular and the Web.

Our role: We created a custom branded solution that included custom firmware and hardware leveraging from our Enfora MT quad-band mobile tracking platform.

The results: The service is available 24/7 anywhere that has GSM-based cellular service.


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