GSM/GPRS Antenna

SMA Antenna RA SMA Antenna Vertiical Magnetic Mount Antenna Tape Mount Antenna


GSM-Type3 GSM-Type4


Omni Directional
3.5dbi Gain Zenith
SMA Male Connector
51mm Height, dia 9.2mm
Right Angle
Omni Directional
3.5dbi Gain Zenith
SMA Male Connector
90mm Height, Dia 9.2mm
Straight Vertical
Omni Directional
Magnetic Vehicle Mount
3.5dbi Gain Zenith
3M SMA cable.
120mm Height, 29mm Base
Adhesive Tape Mount
2dbi Gain Zenith
3M SMA Cable
94mm x 22mm
GSM-Type1 Details GSM-Type2 Details GSM-Type3 Details GSM-Type4 Details


RF Connectors, RF Cable Assembly, DC Adaptor, RS232C cable, USB Cable

DC Adaptor UFL/UltraMiniature  to SMA RF Cable UFL PCB Connector  Molex 100pin Connector
3 pin 240VAC 50Hz
12V 500mA 6VA
Molex 8pin for SA-G+
(DC Jack 2.1mm also available)
UFL to SMA Female
Ultra Miniator to SMA Female (for Enfora GSM0308-70 embedded module)
10cm Length
Hirose UFL PCB Connector for PCB Mount Molex 100pin
For Enfora GSM0308 Embedded OEM Module
0.4mm, 100 Way
Molex PN: 513381074

Standard Serial/USB Cable Interface from PC to Modem

RS232C Cable (1.8M)
USB Type A to Type B (1.8M)



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