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Enfora is a USA based leading manufacturer of GSM GPRS MODEM and Embedded Module. These products are rugged, robust and low cost suitable for system integration or OEM.

The GSM GPRS EDGE HSPA Product are available as Package Modem (FCC and CE Approved), or as OEM Module (socket base or BGA)  for integration into customer own products such as Fleet Tracking, Asset Tracking, Telemetry, wireless Datalogger and Data Terminal Units etc. 


These product incorprate Enfora proven Robust Embedded TCP IP stack that are robust and reliable for SMS and GPRS packet IP Transfer.





The Enfora Spider SA-G+ family is a LOW COST FCC/CE certified Quad-band GSM/GPRS Modem that is robust, rugged and proven platform with extremely reliable fGPRS TCP or UDP data transfer.  This is suitable for SMS or Wireless GPRS Data Transfer via built in embedded TCPIP stack. User Programming Guide are freely downloadable for AT Command to managed, send/receive SMS or send/receive GPRS packet. SA-G+ has direct DB9 connector for RS232C interface

SA-G+ will runs with standard SMS application using RS232C as it support standard AT Command for SMS Sending/Receiving.

View more information about the Spider SA-G+ family.

The Spider MT product family –  GSM GPRS Modem with built in GPS (FCC and CE Approved)  provides complete functionality for mobile tracking applications. Built in Digital Input  and Automotive Grade High Current Transistor Driver allows you a low cost platform to integrate your next Fleet management and Mobile Asset Tracking Project.

View more information about the Spider® MT product family.
See: Tutorial How to send and receive SMS using GSM Modem
       Tutorial How to Remote Connect using GSM Datacall and Voice Call
       Tutorial How to do simple GRPS Data using Transparent Network
       Tutorial: Programming GPRS using PADS

The Spider AT is a FCC and CE certified quad-band GSM GPRS Modem deigned for Extremely Low Powered, standalone (no external power) provides a complete low cost ready to deployed hardware devices for mobile asset monitoring. Built in GSM and GPS Antenna allows this product to be completely hidden in your mobile asset, running on a Lithium Battery pack that requires no external DC power.

View more information about the Spider AT.


The Mini MT is a fully FCC and CE certified GSM and GPRS quad-band personal tracker  that provides complete  functionality for peronal mobile tracking applications.

View more information about the Mini MT.


Embedded GSM/GPRS/GPS Platforms


The Enabler III product family is the newest generation of quad band GSM GPRS EDGE embedded platforms that bring together low power in compact footprints and include both BGA and multi-pin connector forms for ease of hardware integration.

The module are available in Board-To-Board RF Connector (interface to PCB Pad that is routed to RF Connector) or has built in Miniature RF Connector. Further optional model has onboard SIMCard Connector.

View more information about the Enabler III product family.


Enfora’s certified Enabler III Low Power Platform series combines quad-band GSM/GPRS and GPS capabilities in an embedded form factor.

View more information about the Enabler III Low Power Platform.


The Enabler II family includes dual- and quad-band embedded platforms that contain complete GSM/GPRS or EDGE voice and data features.

View more information about the Enabler II product family.


Accessories (GSM/GPRS/GPS Antenna, RF cable, Adaptor)



GSM Active GPS Antenna, RF Cable (UFL to SMA, MicroMiniature to SMA), AC-DC Adaptor for SA-GL, SA-EL, MT, Serial Cable, SIM Card Connectors, SMT Connector for GSM0308 etc.
View more information about accessories

  eWiDE™ Architecture/Gateways & Software

Enfora’s Gateway enables accelerated deployment by quickly building connectivity from your assets to Enterprise IT to your existing enterprise applications. Enfora’s embedded software is built on an open environment that enables developers and integrators to build essential capabilities – mobile connectivity, device intelligence and location-aware – by utilizing built-in rules engine, network router and control and automation capabilities.

View more information about our eWiDE™ Architecture/Gateways & Software.




M2M Development Service


Testech Provide valued Added Hardware, Firmware, System Software for your SMS GPRS M2M application and Remote Telemetry, Wireless Scada, M2M Application. We had provide customised HW/SW design solution for M2M (SMS GPRS 3G Remote Monitoring/Alert and Control Applications).

Applicaton areas includes
a) SMS (Text and PDU)
b) GPRS packet Data Transfer  in bidiectional with optional encryption.

c) GPS with AGPS, Logging and GSM GPRS Platform, interface to google map

d) Remote Datalogger with Alert, and File upload via GSM, and virtual connection to PC, Support GSM GPRS SMS Ethernet IP WIFI Bluetooth RF ZIGBEE
e) Remote File Transfer peer to peer with auto resume.
f) RS232C/RS485 Interface to remote Instruments via GPRS or SMS
g) Water Level, Flow, Water Qualities Remote Logging and Alert
h) Rain Rauges, Weater Monitoring Systems.

i) Control Panel, Switch Board Monitoring and Alert.

j) Automatic Meter Reader (AMR)

k) Mobile Asset And Tracking.
l) Factory Automation and Custom Integration.
m) User Specified Custom Embedded Hardware Design and Software Development Service including our own TSCADA For ready to deployed Windows or Web Enable SCADA.

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