Enabler III Family

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The Enabler III product family is the newest generation of quad band GSM/GPRS/EDGE embedded platforms that bring together low power in compact footprints and include both BGA and multi-pin connector forms for ease of hardware integration.


Quick Overview

  • Utilizes leading-edge GSM/GPRS/EDGE silicon solutions from Texas Instruments
  • Supports Voice, SMS, Circuit-switched data, GPRS Class 10 data integrated TCP/IP software stack, UDP (PAD)
  • BGA and multi-pin connector forms

The Enabler III is a fully certified quad-band OEM module family that packs complete GSM/GPRS/EDGE functionality into a compact footprint. The embedded software environment enables development of essential capabilities—mobile connectivity and device intelligence—by utilizing built-in rules engine, network router and control and automation capabilities. With power consumption of <2.5mA the Enabler III significantly enhances longer battery life.

To accelerate deployment, use Enfora’s middleware to quickly build links from your asset-tracking devices to your existing enterprise applications. The middleware provides a complete view of your devices, enabling proactive asset management. It also supports popular enterprise software such as MS SQL Server, MySQL and Oracle.

The Enabler IIIG is lead-free and RoHS compliant and has GCF, PTCRB and FCC certifications. As with all Enfora products, Enabler IIIG has undergone extensive network interoperability and operator testing.

The Enabler IIIE, which is based on Texas Instruments’ OMAPV1030 single-core-architecture applications processor, has been architected to enable faster development of application-specific devices for markets such as freight, point-of-sale, personal navigation and healthcare.

Products included in the Enabler III family:

Enabler IIIG
Enabler IIIG
Enabler IIIG-BGA
Enabler IIIE
Enabler IIIE-BGA
GSM0306 GSM0308 GSM0408 EDG0308 EDG0408


Please see the Enabler III product specifications for additional product details and SKUs.


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