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TINY PLUS Real-Time Multi-Tasking Operating System
for Microprocessors and Microcomputers


The CMX-TINY+ Real-Time Multi-Tasking Operating System is now available for for processors families such as MicroChip PIC18Cxxx, Motorola 68HC08, Hitachi H8/300 & H8/300H & H8S, Atmel AVR family, Infineon (Siemens) 80C16x, Toshiba TLCS-900, NEC 78K0/K0S, TI MSP430, STMicroelectronics ST7 and others. The CMX-TINY+ provides slightly less functionality than the CMX-RTX RTOS. It was made to fit within the small amount of onboard RAM within the silicon, being in the range of 512 bytes and up.

The RTOS implements the following features:

CMX-TINY+ also includes printed manuals and PDF manuals (if required).


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