The CMX-TCPIP™ Package


CMX-TCPIP is a portable high performance TCP/IP implementation for embedded systems. Memory usage is localized and deterministic. It uses the CMX-RTX RTOS signaling mechanisms to provide a true multitasking reentrant stack.

Most network protocols and applications are available, from BOOTP all the way up to HTTP.There are also test applications, such as a benchmark server, or a ping tester, as well as a few others.

16 bit processors supported NOW:
Philips 8051-XA, Hitachi H8/300H & H8S families, Siemens 80C16x family, Mitsubishi M16C, Toshiba TLCS-900 and 80186/188.

32 bit processors supported NOW:
68K, 683xx, CPU32, Coldfire, PowerPC, 80386/486/586 (real and protected mode).

Coming soon for many more. Please contact us for latest processors supported.


CMX-TCP/IP Kit includes:

Additional Add-On Options:

All of these products are available, as well as many more, including device drivers, and adapters such as PCMCIA are also supported

CMX TCP/IP Supported Processors:

CMX TCP/IP currently supports the 80x86, ARM, PowerPC, Infineon 80C16x, Infineon XC16x, Mitsubishi M16C, Motorola 68K, Motorola CPU32, Motorola Coldfire, Philips XA, Renesas (Hitachi) H8S, Renesas (Hitachi) H8/300H, Renesas (Mitsubishi) M16C, Renesas (Mitsubishi) M32C, STMicroelectronics ST10, STMicroelectronics Super 10, and Toshiba TLCS900 series of processors


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