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Vendors of "C" compilers and tools for above processors that are supported: CMX is constantly adding new processors and "C" vendors to our list. Call to inquire about our current list. Alphabetically listed.

Analog Devices, Archimedes Software, ARM, Avocet Systems, Borland, Ceibo, Cosmic Software, Diab Data, Franklin Software, GNU, Green Hills, Hitachi, Hi-Tech, IAR Systems, Intermetrics, Introl, KEIL GmbH, KEIL Software, MicroChip Technology Inc., Microsoft, Microtec Research, Mitsubishi, NEC, Panasonic, PLC, Raisonance, Sierra Systems, Software Development Systems, TASKING, TI, Toshiba, Watcom, Whitesmiths, ZiLOG.


CMX-RTX Supported Processors:

 All Vendors of: 8051; 80x86 Real or Protected Mode; ARM; MIPS; PowerPC;

 Specific Manufacturers: Analog Devices DSP 2106x, Blackfin;   Atmel AVR;   Dallas DS80C390, DS80C400;  DSP Group (see ParthusCeva);   Freescale 68HC11, 68HC12, 68HC16, 68K, 683xx, CPU32, Coldfire, DSP56K, Starcore;  Fujitsu F2MC-16;   Hitachi (see Renesas);   Infineon 80C16x (1/3/4/5/6/7), C166S V2 (XC16x), Tricore;   Intel 80251, 80196;   Microchip dsPIC;   Mitsubishi (see Renesas);   Motorola (see Freescale);   National CR16 Family;   NEC V850;   ParthusCeva Palm, Teak, Teaklite;  Philips XA;   Renesas 64180, H8/300H, H8S/2000, SH, 7700, M16C, M32C;  STMicroelectronics ST9, ST9+, ST10, Super 10;   TI DSP C3x, C4x, C54x, C6x;   Toshiba TLCS-900 Family; Zilog Z80, Z180, eZ80 Acclaim.

 CMX-Tiny+ Supported Processors:

 CMX-Tiny+ currently supports the ARM, Atmel AVR, the Infineon 80C16x, the Microchip dsPIC, the Motorola 68HC08, the NEC 78K0, the NEC 78K0S, the NEC V850, the Renesas H8/300, the Renesas H8/300H, the Renesas H8S, the STMicroelectronics ST7, the STMicroelectronics ST10, the Texas Instruments MSP 430, the Toshiba TLCS-900, the XEMICS CoolRISC816, XEMICS XE8000, and the ZiLOG Z8 Encore series of processors.



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