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Integrated or Stand Alone CANOPEN Functionality from CMX!

CMX-CANopen implements the CANopen protocol stack as defined by the CiA (CAN in Automation manufacturing's group) draft standard "CANopen Application Layer and Communcation Profile" DS301 version 4.02.  Although primarily intended for usage in CANopen slaves, the code can also be used to implement a CANopen NMT Master (Network Management Master). Code examples provided have been tested with and passed the official CANopen conformance test.

CMX-CANopen can be used BOTH as Stand-Alone products as well as a communiation stacks using real time Operating system CMX-RTX. When used with CMX-RTX, task priorities can be adapted to best suit the needs of a particular applicationallowing to assign differnet priority levels to differnet process data messages.

Many define statements are used to enable and disable CANopen faetuares, allowing for a very high-level of customization. Single transmission types can be selected to only include those transmission types that are actually used in the applications.

Functioality Provided Features
  • Object Dictionary and SDO functionality
    - One SDO server
    - Expedited SDO transfer
    - Segmented SDO transfer
  • NMT Services
    - Full NMT slave state machine.
    - Node Guarding Client.
    - Heartbeat producer
    - Heartbeat consumer
  • PDO Functionality.
    - Event Timer.
    - Change-of-state with inhibit time.
    -Dynamic or static PDO communication
    -Dynamic or static PDO mapping parameters
  • Maximum of 1024 PDOs supported.
  • Example Implementatoins Provided
  • CANopen Conformance Test Compliant
  • Can be run stand alone or with CMX RTOS
  • Complete Documentation with Examples.
  • Full Source Code with every purchase.
  • Free Technical Support and Updates.
  • Low, one-time license fees
  • No Runtime royalties!


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