What's new in version 4.1?


Here's a list of new features and modifications in EAGLE version 4.1

The list of changes in version 4.0 can be found here.

Changes that are available only as of release 4.13 are shown in different color.


Library Management


Blind & buried vias


Arbitrary angles


Arcs and Wires


Additional flags for pads, vias and smds


User definable colors


Control Panel


Design Rules


User Language




CAM Processor


Text editor


ADD command


ARC command


BUS command



BOARD command


CHANGE command


COPY command


DELETE command


DISPLAY command


DRC command


EXPORT command


GRID command


INFO command


INVOKE command


MIRROR command


MITER command


MOVE command


NET command


PACKAGE command


PAD command


PASTE command


POLYGON command


PRINT command


RATSNEST command


RENAME command


ROTATE command


ROUTE command


SET command


SHOW command


SMASH command


SMD command


SPLIT command


UPDATE command


VIA command


WINDOW command


WIRE command




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