Code Warrior Support

High-speed BDM/JTAG Interface for CodeWarrior

The BDI1000 and BDI2000 adds BDM/JTAG debugging to the CodeWarrior development environment from Freescale (Metrowerks). With the BDI, you control and monitor the microcontroller solely through the stable on-chip debugging services. You won't waste time and target resources with a software ROM monitor, and you eliminate the cabling problems typical of ICE's. This combination runs even when the target system crashes and allows developers to continue investigating the cause of the crash.


  • Source level debugging for PowerPC and ColdFire
  • Assist in bringing up new hardware
  • Ethernet debugging also with target systems without network capability
  • Internal break register supported (allows debugging of code running out of a read only memory)
  • Fast download speed
  • No target communication channel (e.g. serial line) is wasted for debugging purposes
  • Easy to connect on target, eliminate the cabling problems typical of ICEs
  • Host access via RS232 (uo to 115 Kbaud) or Ethernet (10 Mbit/s)
  • 3 years hardware warranty and 1 year software warranty & support

Supported Target Families

  • MPC5xx/8xx
  • PPC6xx/7xx, MPC82xx, MPC7400/7410, MGT5100, MPC5200 (BDI2000 only)
  • ColdFire


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