Library for BDI Family

The bdiAccess library (delivered as Windows DLL & Unix/Linux source) lets you use BDI functions for CPU12, CPU32/32+, PowerPC, ColdFire, M-CORE, ARM7/9TDMI, XScale and MIPS32 from within your own application running on Windows or Unix/Linux hosts. This is an excellent way to automatically test and program your hardware during the production process. bdiAccess is available for the BDI1000, BDI2000 and BDI3000.


Supported Target Families

As of April 15, 2008 the BDI 2000 hardware is no longer available for the bdiGDB. Abatron will continue to support the BDI2000 with software updates and technical support. In addition, any new CPU support or enhancements that are added to the BDI3000 firmware will also be added to the BDI2000 firmware.

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